G1000 NXi sw version 1916.12

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G1000 NXi sw version 1916.12

Post by tjmoody »

I've had a difficult issue with a recent version of the the G1000 NXi main system sw that has stumped two avionics shops. I hope this issue has been resolved now at least in my plane. So I wanted to post here to hopefully prevent other DA42 owners the annoyance and expense I've been through and see if anyone else has had this experience.

After my Phase II upgrade earlier this year, I had a lingering configuration issue. It was annoying but wasn't causing any functionality issues. The shop that did the upgrade couldn't solve it remotely and suggested I come back allow them to install the latest version of the G1000 NXi sw, v 1916.12. This turned into a very difficult exercise that left me with a "failed data path" error message that could not be resolved. After 2 days of working on it and talking to Diamond, Garmin and other shops, we elected to defer the issue to the annual.

I just completed my annual and had another avionics shop local to me work on the G1000 sw issue. They tried another install of v1916.12 and had the same issue. After some networking at Diamond they were told that this is a know issue and we should revert to v1916.11! They did this and the error has resolved! Good news but frustrating that the newer sw version 1916.12 is available to avionics shops even though there is a known issue.

These system software installs are not trivial involving several hours and quite a bit of technician time. Especially when errors pop up!

Both shops I went to have good reputations, know the G1000 and I've worked with before. It seems like it took a lot of digging to get the feedback from Diamond that there is a known issue with .12.

So ... you are warned if your shop is suggesting this upgrade to v1916.12. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has similar experiences.
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