Temp indicator light

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Temp indicator light

Post by mlejcar »

Looking for help on my HK36-TTC temp annunciator light. Normally, it illuminates when the master / powered flight master is turned on for a few seconds and then goes off. However, it has not come on since the aircraft had the new Rotax 914 installed. I have changed the light bulb / socket and gone through the wires to make sure it follows the wiring diagram. I have checked the air box sensor and both egt sensors. They seem to be good. Made sure the unit is grounded. The wires going to the light both have 12 V going to them when the masters are turned on, and do not go to ground ever.

Unfortunately, the tech support at Diamond does not have a lot of experience with the HK or the temp sensor brain box on the firewall. Wondering if any of you have had the same issue and got it fixed, or if anyone has some advice. I'm down to ordering a new box from Diamond but it is not cheap. Any help is much appreciated.

Matt Lejcar
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