Starting without the boost pump

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Re: Starting without the boost pump

Post by Chris B »

Rich wrote:A popped breaker isn't a failure mode I can recall hearing about before. This implies a short in the wiring or the pump itself, or a locked rotor.
I recently replaced a Weldon pump that popped the breaker. The power leads measured about half the resistance of the new replacement, so presumably the motor developed an internal short in the windings.

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Re: Starting without the boost pump

Post by Lou »

Mine popped the breaker too.
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Re: Starting without the boost pump

Post by Thomas »

Everything that can happen will happen once!!
A few years ago my el. fuel pump quit on the way to the maintenance shop doing my annal. As I had to cross border btw Switzerland and Germany, customs hat to be cleared at an intermediate stop. When starting the engine, the pump failed.
Starting the engine was flawless.
But I had to fly for approx 30 min to the shop. Fortunaly the RWY was 7700ft, so climb out was done with always an engine out option, climb in the pattern up to 7000ft to have always an airfield in glide distance and decent over the destination field.
Of course the engine driven pump worked as usual...... but expect the unexpected.
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Re: Starting without the boost pump

Post by haykinson »

Update: tried to start the engine without the boost pump on my way to the mechanic. While cranking, after about 5 seconds of not catching, I played with the throttle and mixture and then it started catching -- and maybe after 15 sec total came to life.
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