DA62 50% Share / KFMY or KAPF (SW FL)

Topics related to partnerships in Diamond aircraft, including searching for partners, legal organization of such partnerships, and methods for allocating time and costs between members. Commercial use prohibited.

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DA62 50% Share / KFMY or KAPF (SW FL)

Post by Worldwisetrade »

Possibly interested in a shared arrangement with the right partner. My 2021 Diamond DA62.

Partnerships are tricky so here are the parameters: First, only a very experienced multi-engine and IFR rated pilot (or hire a competent Captain / CFI to accompany you). Commercial & Instrument or better. Next casual use of about 100 hrs/yr max so airplane is generally available to each other, option for a couple of long periods away (month or so) once or twice per year for touring, otherwise few days to a week or so max away from base. Airplane needs a hangar, which are impossible to find, leaves only expensive options with one of the jet centers or perhaps you would have a hanger which would be really great. Finally prefer no financing on the plane so we don't have to worry about someone not making a payment.

The 62 is one of my airplanes, so I have flexibility on the usage. Similar reciprocal situation would be nice.

Unlikely to check all the boxes but one never knows about these things. If qualified and of interest, let's kick it around. Cheers!
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