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Post by Colin »

My experience in the DA42 is about 800 hours, I think. I need to get my commercial rating, but I have the instrument and (obviously) multi-engine. I'm paying about $3,800 a year for the DA42 ($450k hull value).

I was curious what my rate would be in the DA62. $12,300 with five seats, $12,800 with seven. (I had read it was a big difference with the two extra seats, but that's not a big difference to me. $1.4m hull value.

It would cut my travel time from SMO – FHR to 4.5hrs. Right now it is 5hrs 45min which is at the limit of my comfort and since there's no JetA on the island I wind up hopping to BFI to top the tanks for the return home anyway.

Are people seeing similar scale prices?
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Re: Insurance

Post by jb642DA »

Hi Colin -

I sent you a PM with our specifics. Give me a call if you have any questions.

Too bad you don't live closer - you could "dry lease" mine??!!

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Re: Insurance

Post by CFIDave »

Colin wrote:
Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:50 pm
Are people seeing similar scale prices?
Sounds about right for insuring a new DA62.
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