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DA62 log files

Post by justinbeitler »

Reaching out to see if anyone can share their MFD log files from DA62 aircraft?

I recently took over the website CirrusReports.com. Working on adding new features for Diamond Aircraft. I've already updated the system to display DA-62 information but would like additional log files for testing (as we added the new features using a very small number of sample files). Please feel free to contact me directly at atc@flightdata.com

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Re: DA62 log files

Post by jb642DA »

Hi Justin -

Just sent you an email re DA62 data.

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Re: DA62 log files

Post by CFIDave »

I used to rely extensively on CirrusReports for posting all my DA40 G1000 log files, and really liked the site.

Then when I got a DA42-VI, the site wouldn't properly read G1000 log files from Diamond twins. The best I could do on the site was to "pretend" I was a Cessna Mustang Jet in order to support 2 engines with a G1000, translating fuel consumption in pounds to gallons.

I tried repeatedly to contact the site to see if they would add G1000 log file support for Diamond twins, but got ignored (this was more than 4 years ago). So I gave up and switched to using savvyanalysis.com and now fly.garmin.com for logging DA42 and DA62 engine and flight data.

Nice to hear that you're now supporting DA62 G1000 log files (which have an identical data format to those produced by DA42NG and DA42-VI twins, so those aircraft should also work on your site).

P.S.: I was able to login to the site today and easily convert all 397 of my previously-posted DA42-VI flights from "Citation Mustang" to "DA42", and they now appear to be displaying properly. :)
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