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Re: DA42 v DA62 Training Options

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 8:48 am
by NDCDA62
I would agree with Papa Sierra’s comments.

If you are going to fly a DA62 anyway and can afford the 2k difference, then I would train in the DA62. I did my DA62 Systems Training and MEP at Diamond Wiener Neustadt which also suggest you consider as the knowledge imparted was invaluable. The manual provided for the course is the ultimate DA62 “bible”.

I transitioned from a PA28 (6-Pack) to a DA40 NG (G1000) and then the DA62. The DA40 was a great training ground to experience the G1000.

I would recommend “The Concise Guide to the Diamond DA62” by John Ewing, available on line as an eBook.