Training market: Diamond or Cirrus?

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Re: Training market: Diamond or Cirrus?

Post by TimS » Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:12 pm


In late 2011 I was looking to upgrade from my SR20. I test flew a TTx; which the salesman stated was one of the first being built back in the USA while Mexico was getting sorted out.
In any case, just read this article: ... production

Looks like Textron finally killed off the Columbia line. Based on the enhancements, production changes, and other steps, I do not believe they bought it to kill it or milk it. It just never went anywhere.

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Re: Training market: Diamond or Cirrus?

Post by jb642DA » Wed Feb 28, 2018 9:42 pm

When I "demo'ed" the TTx last summer, the demo guy told me it was a FAST, "2 people + bags" plane. Carry fuel to go much of a distance and that was it. The G3000 avionics were great and the plane was fun to fly and comfortable. At the end of the demo we sat down to look through the brochure and "list" prices. He told me I could "get a new one" for at least $100,000 off retail, maybe more! He really wanted to make a sale, ending our meeting with "make me an offer and I'll take it to Textron!". It just didn't fit my mission!

Looks like this thread has drifted a lot from - "Training market: Diamond or Cirrus" - I noticed topic name just as I was "posting". Sorry about that!
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Re: Training market: Diamond or Cirrus?

Post by H60 pilot » Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:25 am

I don't disagree the TTx was assembled in Kansas, I believe that to be 100% the case. Matter of fact I'm unaware of the model ever being assembled (or produced) in Mexico. The TTx manufacturing I'm referring to is the actual composite structures, like wings for example, that Cessna openly claims to this day were fabricated at their Chihuahua plant and shipped to Kansas for assembly.

I was interested in buying one a few years ago but was put off by the seemingly useless backseat area. It's like a corvette. I'll see what happens to them on the used market, I may yet buy one. I'm admittedly upset Textron terminated such a great airplane instead of the far less remarkable, less capable, less popular G36.

But perhaps to get back on topic, I agree with your sentiments Tim about why Diamond is losing the battle in the training market. I fly Diamond aircraft and I've spoken on numerous occasions to Diamond employees; it's not the aircraft's fault.
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