O2 for Kids

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O2 for Kids

Post by N157DA »

I have a 5 year old and I was wondering if anyone else has used O2 with younger pax. It reads like the Mountain High O2D2 system will work just fine metering to a child.

I see they sell a Pediatric Cannula but I wonder if the boom cannula would also fit.

Additionally, I worry about the kid dislodging the cannula while he is in the middle row seats and I'm in front.

Any advice other than a stern talking to about not to mess with the equipment? Perhaps I'll ask mom to sit in the back...
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Re: O2 for Kids

Post by Colin »

Our 7 year old did okay with it. He didn't love it. He took it off once and fell asleep. When he woke up on the ground he complained that he had a headache and I said that was because without the oxygen hose his brain didn't get enough to stay awake and gave him a headache. He never took it off again.

The headset was impossible for him for a while. He switched to Clarity Aloft for a bit, but hated that. I said he *had* to wear something and he had those little foam plugs for a year or so. Then he found podcasts and enjoyed having a headset connected to his iPhone.
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