DA20 Propeller Overhaul

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DA20 Propeller Overhaul

Postby BrianB » Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:28 pm

I own a DA20 and the prop is getting to the point where it will need an overhaul so I recently tried to figure out when the overhaul was needed. I had some trouble finding the information, but I received this reply from Sensenich and thought I would post it here for those who might be interested.

The propeller in question is a Sensenich propeller model W69EK7.

The reply from Sensenich:

Sensenich wooden propellers have no set Time Before Overhaul (TBO).

The continued airworthiness is detailed on the last page of the Sensenich document: Wood Propellers: installation, operation, and maintenance instructions for integral flange crankshafts.

The link to the web document is:

http://www.sensenich.com/files/document ... 581692.pdf

Basically, wooden propellers are serviced on-condition, as determined through preflight, 100 hour, and annual inspections. The operating tips and types of damage requiring repair or retirement are listed in our propeller installation instructions.

The cost for a refinish/rebalance is about $300.00. An overhaul with new leading edges is about $550.00.

Please contact us with any questions.
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Re: DA20 Propeller Overhaul

Postby alexanderk » Thu Sep 20, 2012 5:25 pm

I found the original Sensenich prop to wear out the leading edges too quick. Either chips or rain, but it just does not last.

Replaced it with the MT prop a year and a half ago. All I can say it is A LOT better both as a prop, and longevity. The leading edges are metal, does not mind rain. And after 500h does not look like it will require anything for at least another twice as much. Remains to be seen of course. But my original Sensenich prop with 150 hours on it looks a whole lot worse.

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